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Fleur de Life Jewelry

April Birthstone - Diamond

Posted by Kerri OConnor on

This blog post is about the traditional April birthstone, Diamond. To read more about my meaning of the word “traditional” read the February blog post. It is my goal to provide information that is informative, lifting and inspiring. Some of my blog entries will also include a blessing that I intuited.

Diamond, known as the “king of crystals” is coveted for its brilliance. It is associated with the astrological sign of Taurus. The sign of Taurus is associated with many other stones as well…. Agate (Angel Wing, Laguna, Plume), Azurite-Malachite-Chrysocolla, Beryl (Green), Carnelian, Chrysanthemum Stone, Copper, Garnet (Golden Aura), Iolite, Kunzite, Opal (Blue, Red), Quartz (Flame Aura), Spinel (Black), and Variscite to name a few. Taurus is an earth sign, a fixed sign. The fixed nature of the diamond allows it to be faceted into prisms that flash and reflect light that is renowned and coveted around the world.

Diamond is a very hard stone, true to its name, which comes from a Greek word that means “invincible”. Although the traditional color is clear, this stone comes in white, black, yellow, chocolate, blue, pink and many other colors.

Diamonds symbolize the sun, the central “star” of our solar system. It is symbolic of perfection. As a reflector of light, they also magnify the energy and power of other stones. What images come to mind when you think of a diamond - the proposal, the engagement, the wedding? This stone is a relationship stone that symbolizes the tie, marital or other, between the giver and the recipient. And as a relationship stone it is also a symbol of love and commitment. With this come trust, emotional strength, and fidelity that flourishes out of living true to that commitment. Now think of all the times historically that the world has acted out this giving of the diamond and how powerful a symbol of love and relationship this stone has become over time! It is an invincible loving force of nature.

It also symbolizes strength, invulnerability, and love of oneself and others. It is considered to be a talisman against cowardice.

Diamond Blessing

Crystal clear are we in our intention

To live a life of perfecting love

Allowing this brilliant radiance to embrace us

And fuel actions of steadfast commitment

Thus building trust

And growing in strength

Into an invincible force

That melts barriers

And now embraces others

Thus expanding it’s brilliance

As we intended

Blessed Be!

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